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LASPAD Is Hiring Four Interns in Local Development

LASPAD is a research laboratory at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis, Senegal. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Arts, Culture, and Communication (UFR CRAC) and the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences (UFR SJP). The laboratory conducts several research programs across various thematic axes corresponding to interdisciplinary areas of research, teaching, and engineering, including research on societal development and women's empowerment.

To this end, the laboratory is recruiting 4 interns with training in "Local Development," "Local Communities," or a related field for the implementation of its Bamtaré Rewbé program in partnership with ARD of Saint-Louis. The interns will be responsible for providing technical assistance to elected officials from 5 municipalities in the Podor department.

LASPAD.0823 Appel stagiaires DVP LOCAL
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