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First Class

NIAMEY, 2022



Por this first edition, 15 junior researchers, from various backgrounds, have been selected to be trained in scientific writing by eminent personalities from the African and international academic world who will be their mentors during and after the training workshop. The candidates selected were selected on the basis of their files submitted following the call for applications launched by the program a few months earlier, on the theme "Decolonizing future African administrators".


Niamey, 2022

Decolonizing Future African Administrators


The School for Young Researchers, for its first session of 2022,was held in Niamey from February 4 to 12, 2023. It is connected to issue five of the journal Global Africa which focuses on African Public Administrations (APA), under the title “Decolonizing Future African Administrators".

Such an object unquestionably arouses the interest of researchers concerned with understanding the dynamics of the state, as they take shape and develop in Africa. It is a subject open to multidisciplinarity which is today at the heart of reflections in the social sciences. Consequently, the selected candidates intend to contribute validly to the renewal of knowledge on a subject recognized for its high strategic content in reflections on the State in Africa.​

The laureates