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Open Access

A Diamond Journal

Global Africa publishes a thematic issue four times a year (except for the first two years - 2022 and 2023 - during which the publication will be semi-annual), including varia, expert perspectives, and book reviews. In 2022, the issues will be released in March and December, and in 2023, in September and December.

Global Africa journal is available online for free, on the website, in full text, upon release, at no cost to the reader and without any associated processing fees (Article Processing Charge - APC) for the authors or their institutions, in accordance with the Diamond Open Access publishing model.

The journal is distributed with articles in HTML and PDF formats. The entire editorial process of the journal is subject to compliance with its Ethical Charter. Each participant in the process (editors, authors, reviewers, translators) is deemed to be aware of it and is required to comply.

The submission of a manuscript to the journal entails, by definition, acceptance by the author of its final publication on Global Africa's website, as well as on the portals with which the journal has entered into agreements. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number is assigned to each article. This DOI number enables searching, identifying, and citing the articles. It is or will be proposed to the main international indexing databases, including Scopus, Web of Science, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Google Scholar, AJOL (African Journals Online). 

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