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Les administrations africaines :
décolonialité, endogénéité et innovation

African Administrations:
Decoloniality, Endogeneity, and Innovation

Tawala za Kiafrika:
kuacha ukoloni, endogeneity na ubunifu

:الإدارات الأفريقية
إنهاء التركة الاستعماريّة، المحلّيّة والابتكار

Published on:

June 20, 2024

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Jub, Jubal, Jubanti

a call for decolonizing senegalese administration

Global Africa



Guaté Mao


Decoloniality or Innovation: 

Two New Perspectives on African Administrations

Mahaman Tidjani Alou, Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan, Cheikh Thiam and Mame-Penda BA

Critical issues

Spurring the Fight against Corrupt Practices 

through the Digitalization of Public Administration in Africa

Charly Tsala Ondobo

Critical issues

Reforming healthcare systems from "the bottom up"

Working pathways for local "traveling models"

Jean-Francois Caremel and Mamane Sani Souley Issoufou

Critical issues

The Commune of Sirakorola, 

a Laboratory for Local Innovation

The Atypical Story of a Village Reformer

Mahamadou Diawara


"It is our Ubuntu philosophy, 

deeply rooted in us, that keeps us going today"

Rigobert Minani Bihuzo

Critical issues

Local Initiatives and Digitization of 

Epidemic Disease Surveillance System

Case Study of e-health in Rural Burkina Faso

Hamidou Sanou, Dan Wolf Meyrowitsch, Gabin Korbéogo and Helle Samuelsen

Critical issues

The Making of Bottom-up Innovations in 

Urban Water Services in Precarious Neighborhoods of Ouagadougou 

Case Studies in Goundrin and Boassa

Maïrama Tamboura, Catherine Baron and Ramané Kaboré


The Dangerous Reversibility of Women's Rights: 

The Case of Female Genital Mutilation in The Gambia

Isatou Touray

Critical issues

Rowing against the Tide of Civil Service Negotiations in Cameroon

Pointinini's Approach to Traffic Management

Idrissou Mounpe Chare

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