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GLOBAL AFRICA - FOCUS ON NUMBER 5: Manufacturing an Africanist Phantasmagoria by Cilas Kemedjio

Manufacturing an Africanist Phantasmagoria: Literature and Knowledge Production in Ferdinand Oyono’s Chemin d’Europe


The making of Africanist “phantasmagoria”: Literature and production of knowledge in Chemin d’Europe by Ferdinand Oyono

Immerse yourself in deep analysis exploring anticolonial dissent and the social mission of postcolonial literature. A critical look at the Africanist fabric and its impact on French-speaking literature.

“Because the novel is a product of the imaginary, it is important to resist any interpretation that would present it as the space for the manifestation of the materiality of the confrontations between civilizations. A novel is fiction, and the concreteness of fiction resides in the imaginary.”


Cilas Kemedjio, distinguished Professor of French and Francophone Studies at the University of Rochester. A renowned specialist, his work explores various fields, from the memory of slavery to the theoretical deconstruction of postcolonial literatures. His research also extends to the analysis of the body, humanitarian interventions in Africa and the works of Maryse Condé, Édouard Glissant and Mongo Beti.

Recent publications include major contributions such as "Maryse Condé: A Consciousness of the Black World" and "Migration, Literary Imagination, and Mirages in the Francophone Text."

Currently, he is working on a new manuscript on the theme of Humanitarian Misunderstanding.


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