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FOCUS ON ISSUE 5: Light on the Iconographic Thread and the Creation of this Issue!

Every week, join us for a Focus on the most recent issue of Global Africa . Decryption of the issue, immersion in the heart of the articles and highlight on our authors.


Meet Sara Mejdoubi, coordinator of the new varia issue!

Sara Mejdoubi is a linguist specializing in political discourse analysis, a Sciences Po Rabat (UIR) professor, and a researcher at the Center for Global Studies (UIR). She is also an associate member of several prestigious research laboratories in France. Her expertise in political discourse analysis brings a unique perspective to our editorial board.

Appointed "visiting professor" by the University of Toulon in 2017, Sara taught courses on topics such as semantic analysis of metaphor in political discourse and persuasive strategies in Islamist discourse in Morocco.

As Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Global Africa, Sara is key in publishing quality research on African and global topics. His academic contributions and international publications enrich our journal and feed debates on discourse analysis in various political, religious, and media contexts.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Sara and discover her work!


Meet Baye Mballo Kébé, a multi-talented Senegalese artist!

Baye Mballo Kébé excels in various artistic fields: visual artist, decorator, graphic designer, screen printer, scientific photographer, and more.

His career is marked by success, having received the gold medal of Paris Critique, the distinctions of Knight of the Arts and Letters of France and Senegal, and the Grand Prize humanitarian of France.

A pioneer of the «Xatim Art» technique, Baye Mballo Kébé transforms words and calligraphic writing into real plastic works. His creations, rich in shapes, colors, and vibrations, offer a unique artistic experience, mixing lyricism and gravity

Discover the captivating world of Baye Mballo Kébé and immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression and unlimited creativity!


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