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The new issue of Global Africa is out!

Today is the big day !

We are delighted to announce that our new varia issue is finally available!

Immerse yourself in a rich and varied disciplinary universe where epistemology, literature, political science, artificial intelligence, law and security are rethought by researchers from the continent.


Global Africa is expanding its linguistic horizons by welcoming four new languages to the journal: Wolof , Yoruba , Portuguese and Hausa .

These languages will be used in particular for certain flagship articles to discover now!


Discover our flagship articles: “Entry into force of the Malabo Convention: the challenges of its implementation”, “The making of Africanist “phantasmagoria”: literature and production of knowledge in Chemin d’Europe by Ferdinand Oyono”, and “Endogenous knowledge systems of global Africa – The challenges of epistemicide and ontological suicide”.

And many other articles, analyzes and interviews to explore!

Every week, be there to discover the article highlighted through the presentation of the authors, extracts and even exclusive interviews!


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