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Call for Paper: The Handbook of Postcolonial Sociology

Edited by

Simone Maddanu – University of South Florida, USA

Rachid Id Yassine – University Gaston Berger, Senegal

Paola Rebughini – University of Milan, Italy

We are currently accepting contributions for the Handbook project on Postcolonial Sociology, as part of the Routledge Handbooks program.

Contributions can be either theoretical (including state-of-the-art and literature reviews) or based on empirical research, including on a regional/local basis. Other than classic postcolonial approaches in sociology, we are also welcoming original perspectives that include science, technology and medicine, policymaking (i.e. reviewing sedimented practices, also implemented by public health institutions), history and sociology of knowledge, gender, immigration, geography, intra-nation and interethnic relation.

Considering current global events, old and ongoing imperialistic views, and wars, we are exploring a multi-geography of standpoints and institutions, with an emphasis on global south voices. We are particularly interested in critical perspectives about postcolonial realities in all their facets, internal and transnational, local and global, from all the continents and regions. Several sections of the volume will be dedicated to different – and sometimes opposite – aspects such as decolonization, postcolonial and hybridity, immigration and integration, activism and social movements, internal colonialism, race and ethnicity, postcoloniality and environmental issues, limits and criticalities of postcolonial studies.

We aim to publish a cutting-edge sociology Handbook. As a rigorous authoritative volume that provides a view of the state of research in the field, we aim to publish an overview of the area and ‘signpost’ the field in all its aspects, moving beyond dichotomic and simplistic views about our current societies. As a decentralized reflection on coloniality, we are also expecting decentralized stances on subalternity and dependency that bring new lights on old or new geographies of power.

Although not all contributors are required to situate themselves in a sociological field, we particularly welcome cross-disciplinary approaches that engage with sociology, and broadly with social sciences. Contributions may articulate original perspectives that encompass coloniality and the postcolonial from both historical and contemporary perspective, utopian as well as practical.

All chapters should be newly written by scholars with research or teaching conditions, from a minimum of 5,500 words to 8,000 (notes and references included). Unfortunately, we cannot include graduate students.

Deadline for submissions:

Please consider sending an abstract of 250 words by March 31st, 2024. Final papers are expected by September 30, 2024.

All queries and submissions shall be sent to:


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