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Trade Unionism and the Evolution of Labor Markets in Africa

Condorcet campus (Aubervilliers, France)

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Contrary to popular belief, wage employment and trade unionism in Africa are not forms of work and organization on the verge of extinction. While they have been challenged by structural adjustment programs since the 1980s, wage earners continue to increase in numbers, and the unions that represent them are often very active. This is evident in the multitude of mobilizations (strikes, demonstrations, sit-ins, etc.) across the continent. Often engaged in political struggles, particularly against authoritarianism, and fighting against multinational corporations and local entrepreneurs or against macroeconomic reforms driven by donors, unions collaborate with NGOs and associations to address societal issues. They provide a privileged perspective on the socio-political and economic dynamics of African societies, both past and present, extending beyond the mere representation and defense of workers' material and moral interests.

Call for papers : Proposals can be submitted before November 1, 2022, to the email address: in either French or English (the conference will be bilingual with translation). Approximately 700 words, excluding the bibliography, the proposals should present a research problem and the materials on which they are based.


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