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Call for Proposals:

According to the New York Times “Africa has the fastest-growing, youngest population of any continent and is experiencing a ‘youthquake.’ By 2050, one in four people on the planet will be African — a development that will transform many African countries and reshape their relationship with the world. Businesses are chasing Africa’s tens of millions of new consumers emerging every year... Additionally, Africa will be pushed to the fore of the most pressing concerns of our age, like climate change, the energy transition and migration.”


To brainstorm on the possibilities in the continent, we are pleased to extend an invitation to the 10th Indiana University International Conference on Africa, taking place in Bloomington, Indiana, United States on March 22-23, 2024. We invite individuals from various disciplines, including students, scholars and practitioners with an interest in Africa, to submit proposals that showcase the continent’s diversity and explore future prospects. For additional details about the conference, see the attached flier and click on the link provided below. We look forward to your submissions and participation, as we collectively contemplate Africa’s path towards a prosperous and impactful future.


Theme: Africa Our Future


Submission Deadline: December 4, 2023



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