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International Conference: Global Africa Aims to Promote African Research.

On the sidelines of the publication of its eponymous journal's first issue, Global Africa held the opening ceremony of its International Conference on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at the CRAC amphitheater of UGB. The conference revolved around the theme "Thinking African Futures in Response to Global Challenges." The inaugural session was led by Mr. Godwin MURUNGA, Executive Secretary of CODESRIA, Mr. Régis DANTAUX, representative of the French Embassy in Senegal, Ms. Valérie VERDIER, CEO of the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), and Professor Ousmane THIARE, Vice-chancellor of Gaston Berger University. Spanning four days, the conference brought together esteemed figures from the scientific community and academics from Africa.

In his opening remarks, Mr. MURUNGA expressed his delight at the involvement of Gaston Berger University in this transformative process of African scientific research and its dissemination on the international stage. In this regard, he emphasized that Global Africa promotes a new conceptualization of Africa to boost African research by reconnecting the continent with the new challenges of the postmodern world.

Under this perspective, this new paradigm marks the beginning of a transformation of Africa that is open to the world and its disruptions. "The decolonization of knowledge is a necessity that will enable the popularization of our researchers and the training of intellectuals capable of changing the perception of Africa," asserts Mr. Godwin MURUNGA.

Addressing the issue of Africa's position in global scientific research, the Executive Secretary of CODESRIA noted that African researchers undoubtedly have ideas that will influence the destiny of Africa and the world.

It is obvious from his analysis that Global Africa aims to refocus the African continent on current debates, specifically the sustainable development of Africa through the dissemination of research.


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