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The Journal "Afrique(s) en Mouvement" Available Online and for Free in Print Version Upon Request

The journal Afrique(s) en Mouvement (AeM) is now available on Cairn.

The journal is also available for free in print version upon request at IRD Maroc.

From the birth of the idea in 2015, to the first publication in 2019 and the release of five issues within three years, the inter-African journal Afrique(s) en mouvement has come a long way.

As the sixth issue is soon to be released, you can now find all the issues on Cairn, including the issue number 3 coordinated by Beatriz Mesa, a political scientist at UGB and researcher at LASPAD with texts signed by researchers from LASPAD (Mame Penda Ba, Rachid Id Yassine, Khalifa Diop...).


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