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The Constitution Abu Mayanja Wanted for the Uganda Postcolonial State

MISR organize an insightful Wednesday seminar on the topic "The Constitution Abu Mayanja Wanted for the Uganda Postcolonial State." The seminar promises to be an engaging session with Prof. A.B.K. Kasozi, and prominent discussants Dr. Jonathan Mugenyi and Fred Guweddeko. The seminar will be held at the MISR Seminar Room 1 and virtually on Zoom.

The constitution Mayanja wated for the Uganda postcolonial state.1
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Here are the details of the seminar: Date: Wednesday, 12th July 2023 Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Venue: MISR Seminar Room 1

During the seminar, A. B. K. Kasozi will present his research on the constitution that Abu Mayanja envisioned for the Uganda postcolonial state. The presentation will shed light on Mayanja's ideas, principles, and vision for the nation's governance structure, providing valuable insights into the historical context and aspirations of our country. Following the presentation, we will have an interactive discussion with Dr. Jonathan Mugenyi and Fred Guweddeko, who will offer their perspectives on Mayanja's constitutional ideals and their relevance to contemporary Uganda. You are all invited to attend this seminar and actively participate in the discussion. Your presence and valuable input will greatly enrich the discourse and create a stimulating intellectual environment.

Refreshments will be served after the seminar, providing an opportunity for further networking and informal discussions. Kindly mark your calendars for this event, and we look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday, 12th July at 2:00 PM in MISR Seminar Room 1.


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