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Summer University Tany Vao, Madagascar 2022

Global Africa participated in the "Madagascar 2022 Summer University" held in Antananarivo and Tulear from October 24th to November 5th, 2022. The event brought together around a hundred students and researchers from the eight universities of Madagascar.

The agenda was divided into two parts: first, the first part of the program, organized in the form of plenary sessions, took place at the educational campus of the University of Ankatso, Antananarivo. On this occasion, the speakers addressed various topics such as the environment, health, climate change, water scarcity, vernacular knowledge, etc.

Then, the rest of the program continued in Tuléar, where group work was conducted. The participants were divided into four workshops and worked on the following themes: "Environment, Socio-economic Development, and SDGs: An approach through data from the Makay Rural Observatory (OR-Makay)", "Evaluation and Protected Areas", "Ethnoecology in Interdisciplinarity to Address Nature-Society Interactions", "Anthropological and Historical Approaches to Human-Environment Relationships."


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