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Second Edition of the International CMCL Conference

"Understanding public spaces through the lens of media discourse and practices: the case of Africa"

From November 28th to December 1st, 2022, Lyon, France

The international CMCL conference "Utopia of a Globalized Culture and the Reality of Local Communication Practices" aims to explore the encounter between a globalized technological offering, often Western-centric, and the local specificities of diverse territories. In doing so, it seeks to grasp the heterogeneity of uses, productions, and questions raised. The 2022 edition of the CMCL conference proposes to contribute to these debates by confronting phenomena arising from technological and cultural globalization with the reality of local media discourses and practices. This approach is based on the idea that surpassing the normative and political dimensions of the concept of public space is particularly fruitful in understanding contemporary societies, in Africa and elsewhere. While research focusing on the use of digital tools is highly anticipated, studies centered on other media platforms are also welcome in this conference.


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