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Call for Applications: Trainers for MOOC Module Production

Global Africa is a project aimed at promoting, disseminating, and strengthening research in the humanities and social sciences on the African continent through a series of activities. At the core of this project is the creation and sustainability of a new journal, Global Africa. It is a scholarly journal that encompasses a capacity-building program for junior researchers, with the ambition of equipping African researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences on the African continent.

The Global Africa program operates in a context where the African continent accounts for 13% of the global population but contributes less than 3% to scientific publications. To address these challenges, GA has prioritized the establishment of a training program. As a result, GA has developed a catalog of online certification courses on scientific editing, publishing, and writing in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on epistemology, methods, and techniques in the social sciences. This catalog is the outcome of a study on the market for specialized training in the field of publishing and scientific writing.

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