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Africa Confronting the Anticipated Aging of Its Population

The AFD (French Development Agency) is organizing the following event:

Africa Confronting the Anticipated Aging of its Population

Challenges for public policies

In Africa, the elderly represent a still small portion of the population, but ongoing demographic transitions are accompanied by an anticipated aging.

We will explore how this aging process and its dynamics differ from country to country, as well as the varying levels of preparedness in each context. Additionally, we will discuss emerging social protection policies that supplement the traditional reliance on family support for the majority of elderly individuals.

Nous verrons aussi à quel point les statistiques sanitaires sont défaillantes pour les plus de 60 ans, ne permettant pas de mettre en place des politiques sanitaires ciblées.

Furthermore, we will examine the inadequacy of healthcare statistics for individuals aged 60 and above, which hampers the implementation of targeted healthcare policies.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

SPEAKERS Moderated by Serge RABIER Senior Researcher in Demography and Gender, AFD Géraldine DUTHÉ Research Director, National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) Jasmine LAURELLE KAHOU NZOUYEM Lecturer-Researcher, University of Ngaoundéré

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