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66th ASA Annual Meeting, African Presences: Envisioning Africa in Text and Deed

In 2023, the African Studies Association (US) will host one of three congresses in the Sixth International Congress of African and African Diasporic Studies (ICAADS). It’s an excellent opportunity for reflection on the possibilities for African Studies to be a more inclusive and democratic project. The idea of African presences celebrates the multiple ways in which Africans have transformed the world. The Sixth ICAADS in 2023 also marks the 60th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity, an organization which at its founding sought to create solidarity amongst people across the continent and beyond in the search for substantive freedom and independence. In recognition of these aspirations, we invite participants to approach the question of African presences across time and space, with Africa being constituted in different kinds of bodies, locations, and moments, through many media: text, deed, visual culture, orality, and other modes.


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