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The CRAC Department of UGB Celebrated the Centenary of Sembène Ousmane.

Under the distinguished presence of Professor Aliou Sow, the Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, the CRAC department, in collaboration with the Cinematography Directorate, FOPICA, and the Photography Museum of Saint-Louis, organized the international centenary symposium of Sembène Ousmane from May 18th to 20th, 2023, held at CEA-MITIC and in Saint-Louis. The symposium centered on the theme "Heterotopia of Possibilities." Eminent figures such as Professor Magatte Ndiaye, the Rector and President of the Academic Council, Dr. Patrice CORREA, the Director of the CRAC department, Dr. Delphe KIFOUANI, the Head of the Arts and Culture Professions department, were in attendance, along with a delegation from the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage, a representative from the Sembène family, faculty members (PER), non-academic staff (PATS), and students who actively participated in the colloquium. The remarkable presence of researchers and cinema specialists from 22 countries worldwide distinguished this high-caliber international symposium.


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