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Apocalypse Tomorrow – Main Stage of the French Institute on March 18, 2022, Starting at 8 PM

Date: 18 mars 2022

Venue: Senegal's French Institute in Saint-Louis, Villa Saint-Louis Ndar


Marcia Higelin, living in Villa Saint-Louis Ndar in March 2022, will share the fruits of her musical encounter with musician and composer Manu Nzolani Nkounkou, a promising young Congolese trumpet player, and multi-instrumentalist pianist Lucas Maminiaina. "Apocalypse Tomorrow," her debut album, is an anthem to Marcia Higelin's personal history, intimately connected to Africa, and to these talented musicians. With a joyful obligation, Marcia embarks on a fascinating musical narrative that combines her African influences with her magnificent artistic heritage.

Free admission!

Photo Credit: Olivier Allard !


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